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Modanisa.com is the first online fashion and shopping website for those women who embrace a modest
dressing style and through which they can find thousands of options in line with their dressing style in this
platform. Here you get the latest in apparels, scarves, shawls, accessories, jewelry, and even beauty products
from the top names in the Muslim fashion world. Muslim women from all four corners of the world visit
Modanisa.com on a daily basis and enjoy the bargain shopping experience it offers. Modanisa.com is Turkey’
s first and only international shopping website making sales to 75 countries and having more than 6 million
visitors a month.
HatCountry through John Academy
If I cannot fly, let me sing! We are the world’s leading karaoke brand, with a 14 year history of spreading the life-
affirming joy of karaoke far and wide. We do this via four private room karaoke venues – three in London and one
in Brighton – a range of specialist Karaoke Kits that turn your TV, laptop or tablet into a scintillating songstation,
and an online subscription service that’s like a karaoke version of Spotify.
Lucky Voice Karaoke
Step into the world of LXRandCo, infatuated and fascinated with all things vintage, our stories bring new life to
modern masterpieces. First and foremost we are storytellers and our collection houses an extensive and
exclusive selection of designer handbags and accessories. Our brands include: Louis Vuitton, Hermès,
Gucci, Prada and much more-- all at up to 75% off retail! With over 30 retail locations across the United
States, Canada, and Europe, and a thriving e-commerce platform, LXRandCo is more than just the go-to
destination for vintage luxury, we are modern vintage storytellers.
Budget Pet World through Cotton On
My Sky Moment is a print of the night sky on any special date from any location in the world. Whether you are
looking to celebrate your first date, the birth of a new baby, an upcoming wedding, or special anniversary, you
can commemorate the moment with this personalized star map. The My Sky Moment custom star map
measures 16” x 20”and comes in an array of colors. Options also include canvas printing and framed
packages to make your unique map of the night sky a great addition to any home. -Customers save 20% on a
custom star map.
Custom Star Map
Kate Aspen through Lovely Wholesale
It’s not only the smartest, connected aroma diffuser. It is the only diffuser that allows you to shape and
customize scents according to your mood.

Smart & Stylish Aroma Diffuser
Moodo® is a one of a kind aroma diffuser that can be loaded with up to 4 Moodo scent capsules
simultaneously, from a selection of dozens of unique high-quality fragrances.

Mixing your own Signature Scent
Scent is personal. Choose your fragrance capsules from Moodo’s wide variety of high-quality fragrances: pick
one of the pre-set mixtures proposed by the Moodo app, or use the free Moodo app to mix 4 fragrances and
create your own unique scents.

Scent Families: Harmonized Fragrances for Mood Creation
Convenient and easy: Moodo fragrance capsules are arranged in scent families. Each scent family is a pack
of four capsules which are compatible & harmonized to create a wonderful scent in any mixing selection.

The Smartest Aroma Diffuser in the World
With wi-fi connectivity & multiple smart features. Moodo makes it easy to match the scent in your schedule and
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