We want to improve the educational, physical, cultural, and social aspects of the community and surrounding areas. We want individuals to be productive and
independent. We believe education will help a person to not be a burden on society and it will build self-esteem. Whether you are interested in professional
development, job training or starting a new hobby,we have a continuing education course for you. Take control of your future and plan your strategy in today’s
shifting economy. You can enhance your professional stats and improve your odds for success by making a game plan to move your career path forward.
Create the mind you've always wanted through our continuing education opportunities. The broad spectrum of noncredit and college credit programs for both
adults and youth can help you stimulate your mind and your imagination and expand your world.
“Correction may mold us, but encouragement will motivate us.” –PISI
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“To get the most out of life, make every moment count. Your life either sheds light or cast a shadow.” –PISI
How Is The Money Spent When I Make A Donation To Support The Program?
The programs average annual operating expense is $1,994,455
We implement a stewardship that is committed to using its resources to decrease family and community deterioration. It is building strong families and
communities by providing affordable social outreach and educational services. Rural, distressed, moderate, all communities benefit in the developmental,
environmental, and economical areas.

Our clients receive core services, which include food provision, individual group and crisis counseling, educational assistance and referral, housing
assistance and placement, health care assistance and transportation to all referred services. Individual case management is an essential and required
component. Case management includes a formal assessment of each client's needs, a comprehensive service plan based on this assessment, an ongoing
evaluation of the client's progress, and follow-up service provisions.

Programs include psychiatrists, nurses, service coordinators, program directors, team leaders, and clinicians from a range of social work, psychology, and
addictions backgrounds. We address the educational and individual needs of parents and their children through an integrated set of activities that address
adult education, children’s education, parent and child interactions, and child development and parenting strategies. Both group and individual work focus
on employment, housing, illness management, substance-related issues, social skills, and activities of daily living.
The average annual operating budget consists primarily of personnel (84 percent) and travel and fuel costs (10 percent). Other, minor expenses include maintenance and repairs (2 percent),
supplies (2 percent), internal equipment (less than 1 percent), and license and operating fees (less than 1 percent).
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PISI is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity. Contributions to PISI are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. PISI tax identification number is 20-0502201
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