The Pastoral Care ministry crosses institutional, economic, cultural and ecclesiastical boundaries to present the God who demonstrates a desire for healing and wholeness in life. Among other things,
pastoral care demonstrates a dedication to human dignity, appreciation for individual differences, a balance of acceptance and accountability, a dedication to justice and mercy, and an incarnation of
love and hope.
A Minister is someone who has been ordained/licensed to conduct religious worship and to administer sacraments. The Pastoral Care Ministry provides a variety of services administered by an Ordained
Minister. PISI is a family. And at the heart of every family is love. Our love for the Lord. And for each other. It brings us together. Makes the good times sweeter. And helps us through the tough ones. At
PISI, you’ll find that being a part of a family is a great feeling. There’s the comfort of knowing that you’re surrounded by people who love you, people who care for you. And that’s what PISI’s Pastoral Care
ministry is all about. Our Pastoral Care ministry is designed to minister to your spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional needs at every stage of life.
Bible Study
Counseling (Premarital, Individual, Group, Children, etc.)
Life Coach
Baby Naming, Blessing, and Dedication
Renewal of Vows
Mid-life Ceremony for Women
Empty Nest Ceremony
Missing Person Ceremony
Holy Communion
House Blessing
Office Blessing
Outreach Services
“Knowing God is not only seeing His works but also learning His ways. To know God’s will is a treasure; to do God’s will is a privilege. The best commentary on the Bible is a person who puts
it into practice”
PISI makes these declarations over your life. "May God bless you and protect you. May God smile on you and be gracious to you. May God show
you his favor and give you peace. I declare God has blessed you with wisdom and a clear direction for your life. I declare God has blessed you with
creativity, courage, talent, abundance, a great family, good friends, good health, faith, favor, and fulfillment. I declare God has blessed you with
success, strength, promotion, and protection. I declare God has blessed you with a compassionate heart and a positive outlook on life. I declare
that everything you put your hand to will prosper and succeed. I declare that any curse or negative word that's ever been spoken over you is
broken right now. I declare that God will make your life here on earth be as it will be in heaven. Amen."
Prayer For You
1. Please don't send cash
2. Write TITHE and/or OFFERING on the check or money order.
3. Make Tithe and/or Offering payable to
ATTN. Pastoral Care Ministry
PO Box 20194
Houston, TX 77225-0194
Read The Bible
PISI highly recommends the Contemporary English
Version (CEV)
. The CEV has been described as a
"user-friendly" and a "mission-driven" translation that
can be read aloud without stumbling, heard without
misunderstanding, and listened to with enjoyment and
appreciation, because the language is contemporary
and the style is lucid and lyrical.
PISI highly recommends the New International
Version (NIV)
.The NIV was created and is maintained
with the mandate to accurately and faithfully translate
the original Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic biblical texts
into clearly understandable English. The NIV is the most
widely accepted individuals. People buy the NIV Bible
more than any other English-language translation.
Pastoral Care
We want to hear about your blessings. Be a blessing to others by sharing your testimony. Please
post your 90 Day Tithe Challenge Testimonies or send us your testimony by mail. Let others know
God never fails!
How Is The Money Spent?
Relief and Rehabilitation, Community Development, and Intellectual Impact and Leadership Projects: $319,561
Gifts-in-kind: $239,699
Supporting other international relief and development programs (Gifts to other Ministries and Nonprofit Charities): $79,195
Salaries and Benefits: $30,758
Professional Services: $3,070
Media and Advertising: $257
Freight and Postage: $489
Printing: $283
Travel: $3,072
Telephone and Communication: $572
Occupancy: $3,465
Supplies: $2,883
Equipment: $433
Repairs and Maintenance: $719
Interest: $6
Depreciation: $1,329
Other: $210

TOTAL  $927,153
The Pastoral Care program average annual operating expense funding International and Domestic communities is $927,153
PISI is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity. Contributions to PISI are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. PISI tax identification number is 20-0502201
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