We may say that people need to show themselves worthy of respect before we can respect them.
But respecting another person is much more about who WE are than about who the other person is. ~PISI
Who We Are
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Planning on making a donation to us this year? You can, just by clicking on an image on this page. We depend on the generosity of Donors to
enable us to provide valuable services to communities in the United States of America and abroad. We strive on helping animals, providing family
services and outreach programs, helping individuals with disabilities and people with disadvantaging circumstances. Together we can change the
lives of the abused, battered, homeless, hungry, ill and less fortunate.
PISI is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity. Contributions to PISI are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. PISI tax identification number is 20-0502201
PISI Humanitarian Endeavors Encompass
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Remember that every donation makes a difference, regardless of size. Thank you in advance for your support.
501(c)(3) Nonprofit Public Charity
The Team
Together we can change the lives of the abused, battered, homeless, hungry, ill and less fortunate.
Feeding the Hungry
Clothing the Naked
Housing the Homeless
Cheering the Fallen
Encouraging Economic Development
Providing Jobs for the Unemployed
Administering to the needs of those in Prisons, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools...
Advocating for Animal Protection and Rights
Protecting the Environment
Promoting Arts & Recreation
Developing, supporting, and providing superior services to enhance the quality of life, protect rights, and promote self-sufficiency of our diverse
individuals, families, and communities
Our Volunteers also known as PISI Integrity Team help fulfill our promise to People and Animals. If you've ever spent ten
minutes reading a book to a lonely child, you know that even that small amount of compassion and attention can make a world
of difference. No one person can solve all the world's problems, but what little you do can make your little corner of the world; or
one far away from yours a happier, healthier, safer place to live for those who need your help. Each of us can right a wrong, fill
a plate, visit a shelter or clean up a park; and that does make a difference for us all!
PISI Integrity Team Kids
Parnell Intermediary Services, Inc.
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United States Army Veteran T.R. Parnell discerned the call to develop a
multipurpose nonprofit public charity called Parnell Intermediary
Services, Inc. (PISI). December 10, 2003 PISI was incorporated in Texas.
On May 14, 2004, PISI received its recognition as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit
Public Charity by the Internal Revenue Service. The community
responded generously and we are realizing the blessings and challenges
of growing. We have conducted our own programs of education,
outreach, and advocacy; published reports from the field of
community-based social service projects; and also funded the work of
other nonprofit organizations and public institutions selected by our
Board of Directors.

A promise conveys a bond, a sincere agreement that goes far beyond
idle words. Promises fulfilled solidify future relationships, and give
reason for trust. We have been fulfilling the promise to those who place
trust in us. This is a trust we take very seriously as we keep allegiance
not only with our history and those who have gone before, but as we
thoughtfully plan for tomorrow. Certainly, we have grown in terms of
breadth and depth. We serve all economic backgrounds by eliminating
the financial barrier to seeking assistance and this is done through a
sliding scale fee that is relative to a family's combined income. We are
committed to helping People and Animals in need of aid. Together we
can change the lives of the abused, battered, homeless, hungry, ill and
less fortunate.
All purchases from our Affiliates help fund our family programs and outreach services. Thank you!
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