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Note from Gourmet Gift Baskets:

Every Dog Has Its Day
There’s no reason a holiday should go uncelebrated – even for a dog. (They’re part of the family after all.) So, help make it special with our dog gift baskets. What could Fido
possibly want more than having just behind his ears scratched? We’re thinking gourmet treats. Each of our gift basket for dogs is equipped with delicious treats like they’ve
never tasted before, making their birthday or Christmas one to really wag their tails about.

Their Cat’s Meow
Fact: people love their cats. And you can show you care about them too by sending something that’s purrrfect, like any of our cat gift baskets. Whether it’s your grandparent’s
tabby or a treat for her Maine coon, these gift baskets for cats are stocked with tasty snacks and fun toys that will keep their cat looking like a king.
Pampered Cat Gift Stack
Ultimate Pampered Cat Gift Basket
Pampered Dog Gift Basket  
Ultimate Pampered Dog Gift Basket  
Dog Lover's Gift Stack / Pampered Dog Gift Stack
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