Every single day, thousands of children and their families suffer from hunger and malnutrition. With your help
we can provide lasting solutions to hunger, solutions that mean the difference between life and death for
children and their families around the world. By making a donation you enable us to plan our services more
effectively and be there month after month to end hunger. In emergencies, we get food to where it is needed,
saving the lives of victims of war, civil conflict and natural disasters. After the cause of an emergency has
passed, we use food to help communities rebuild their shattered lives. Millions of people go to bed hungry
every night. Many of them are children, for whom early hunger leaves a lifelong legacy of cognitive and
physical impairment. The human and economic waste is horrifying. By making a donation (whatever the
amount) you are investing in partnership with people living in conditions of hunger and poverty. Thank you
for being part of the solution as we work together to end world hunger.
IRS Vehicle Donation Guide
Please do NOT donate real estate that has environmental or zoning problems.
Holds Title/Deed to the real estate.
Owns real estate that is without debt.
One of the advantages to the Donor is that the size of the tax deduction is determined by the
current market value of the property, as opposed to the cost of the property when it was
purchased. For example, if a home bought years ago for $25,000 is appraised at $100,000 today, the
Donor gets the $100,000 deduction. (Moreover, by donating a property instead of selling it outright,
donors can avoid paying brokers' fees.)

Enjoy these benefits when you donate Real Estate to charity:
Sizable, lasting tax benefit / deductions for years to come
Freedom from property taxes
Freedom from property maintenance and other obligations
Freedom from liability and insurances
Benefit of knowing that you/your business has helped others
Positive face forward to the public for your generous support
Peace of mind knowing that your real estate is no longer a drain or burden
Donate Real Estate
Your donation of habitable (House) and commercial real estate will be used as office space for family
services and outreach programs. Donations of land will be used for the animal outreach programs. In
addition, land donations will be utilized for parks & recreation activities and the new construction of service
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We are raising funds to assist with the cost of supplies or repairs to
rescue groups and shelters that are dedicated to helping injured,
abused or abandoned animals. In order to provide this support, it
takes an enormous amount of funding for medical, nutritional food,
and adequate housing. Animal shelters especially are faced with the
same problems we all have. Repairs for roofing, electrical, plumbing,
flooring, air and heat, are all high cost items. We will continue to
raise funds and assist with the cost of such repairs for the safety and
well-being of the animals in their care. Unfortunately, there is no
government funding for these programs. We will need public support
to achieve our goals. Thank you in advance for your support!
We may say that people need to show themselves worthy of respect before we can respect them.
But respecting another person is much more about who WE are than about who the other person is.
The average annual cost to maintain the Altruism program by meeting the Fundraising Expenses, Administration Expenses,
and providing the Charitable Services is $1,646,215
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PISI is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity. Contributions to PISI are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. PISI tax identification number is 20-0502201
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